If you have been wondering where and how to incorporate corian in your interior design, then wonder no more as we have jot down some of the best places in your house that can use corian as decor and surface material from Corian top supplier in Sharjah. Take a look at them and find your pick:

  • Bathroom

Because Corian has a reputation for sleek and crisp look therefore it is seen excessively used in Devon & Devon bathroom. They are the best material to steer clear of residue and mould when placed around the shower area which can build up over the years of use. Most of the corian have a white hue to it which can easily be used in neutral tones to match with the already set interiors of the room. This helps in giving the showers the desired look.

  • Furniture

Most of the time it happens that you want the extra space to be filled with some kind of furniture or useful shelf that looks and feels as part of the house yet it is not the piece of furniture that you want, this is when the corian come in. You can use it to build shelf or rack which is part of the design and not an exterior piece of furniture that is at the risk of breaking. You can also build fireplaces with corian.

  • As a centre piece

If you are looking for something sturdy and outstanding for your office or any commercial place then you need to use corian. In order to highlight importance of something and emphasize on the value of it, cases are built such as trophy case to keep the valued material safe and sound. Of course if you use something not so interesting it defeats the purpose of making it standout which is why you need to make sure that it is presentable with beautifully structured corian stand.

  • Build your courtyard

If you are looking for something outstanding for your courtyard then you should aim for stone tile which is made from natural stones giving out earthy vibes. It is best for exterior design and natural element. If you don’t like the original look of your courtyard then you can surely aim for corian and we bit it won’t disappoint you.