The different foods served at Indian restaurants

If you are living in Dubai, you must have visited the Indian restaurants located there. If not then you are missing out so many things in life. They offer such great and amazing food that once you start eating it, you can’t stop yourself. This article contains all the details of the famous cuisines that are available at the Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Here is the detail of all the famous and mouthwatering cuisines. If you interested in knowing the details then continue reading this article.

  • Makhni chicken: You must have heard about theMakhni chicken and you must have tried a lot of Makhni chicken’s recipe at home but trust me nothingcan beat the taste of Indian style Makhni chicken. It is basically made in a sauce which is made up of tomato. The chicken remain tender and it has been a tradition since a long time to make this dish in tandoor. There are various methods of making this recipe it totally depends on you whether you would like to have it in the baked form, grilled or fried. If you are not a chicken lover but still you want to taste the Makhni chicken then you can replace the chicken with tufo.
  • Matar paneer: if you are a vegetarian then you can’t resist yourself from eating this tasty dish. It is one of the most common and famous dish Northern India. This dish is prepared in a special tomato sauce and when this sauce is fully cooked, matar and paneer are also added and to enhance the flavor of this dish, different type of masalas are added in this dish. You don’t need anything along with this but if you still want to have something with it, you can take eat it with the bread. Once you start eating this dish, it will become difficult for you to stop.
  • Gobi Aalo: if you are a vegetarian then you must have tried all types of vegetables but Gobi Aalo is one of the delicious dish and when it is served with naan in the Indian restaurants, it become even more delicious.

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