5 Tips to Ensure Accurate Legal Translation

5 Tips to Ensure Accurate Legal Translation

For law firms dealing with foreign clients, it is necessary for them to provide translated documents so their clients would better understand the legal papers they are sending. Same goes for legal departments that deal with international branches.

To ensure a high-quality legal translation, be sure to go over these tips first:

  1. Know the legal system

The first thing that you need to do when you are ordering a legal translation in Abu Dhabi for legal documents is to know the ins and outs of the legal system. You need to keep in mind that legal system is different and would vary depending on the jurisdiction. There might be laws and regulations that are similar in some ways, but more often than not, there will be major differences. It would be best to study the laws first so you will have a subject reference when you review the translation.

  • Point out what part of the document should be translated

Legal documents can be lengthy. Usually, legal translation do not require the whole manuscript to be translated, just parts and sections of it. To save on translation cost, be sure to point out which part of the document should be translated. You can list down the pages and parts that should be translated so the translator would be able to go to pages and identify what part should be translated to other languages.

  • Be clear with the objectives

Including the purpose of the translation and the document would help the translator to translate the document and give it a better context. One of the misconceptions of people with any translation service is that they do it word for word. But by doing such, the true essence of the document will be lose in the translation process. The objective would give light as to what the document is for.

  • Prepare the glossary of terms

Preparing the list of terminologies would help the translator to use the right terms for the translation. There are general legal terms that are widely use in the industry. However, there might be some words that are solely use by a certain jurisdiction and institution. It would be best if you can provide the translation firm a list of terms, their meanings, and how it should be used in the document.

  • Be clear with the language

In some instances, languages are broken down to dialects and vernaculars. Like for Spanish, there are a number of Spanish dialects being spoken by the natives, depending on the area. Be sure to clear with the translation company what specific vernacular should be used to maintain the integrity of the translation. Visit this site to know more about legal translation and Arabic interpreters.

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