How to Apply For A Visa Online

Planning a trip to UAE and looking for visa! But you must be scared of the stories of the frauds that happened with the people around you when it comes to visas. And you must be wishing that there were no borders and it would make travelling so easy and cheaper. The only way to get secured visa is to get online. But getting online visa is a very tough job. Most people go for agents because they don’t understand the terms and conditions of the online job. But getting visa of UAE is easy. Getting a visa online will help you get more information about the system and rules and regulations also, it will be cheaper. Because agents charge you more.

You will require to submit passport which is valid for more than or at least 6 months. You will have to upload the first page, the signed page and the last page. A passport size photo that must be colored. And you will need to upload a ticket. Now, coming to the steps, first is about the ticket. To get the visa fast, you will have to upload a picture of ticket which will be a return ticket. For example, you are getting 3 months visit visa which is 90 days and the return ticket must say that you are going back to your home country before these 90 days end. At least, your ticket must be 1 week before.

There are different types of visas and the most availed are of 30 days and 90 days. Now, click on ‘Continue to Visa Application’. Read the terms and conditions carefully. And check on ‘I Accept’ or click on ‘Continue’. To get the visa fast, also upload your hotel reservations or upload the residency details. To upload the residency details, show that you have relatives there. You can also decide which type of profession you want, there are titles of accountant, manager, nanny, care taker, security guard and many other to choose from. Proceed to the next page where you can upload the scanned documents. The size of those pictures must be very specific.

As compared to other countries, getting visa of UAE is very easy and if you plan a short trip you can also get 14 days UAE visa and if you are already in UAE and want to change your visa status you can get visa change to Oman by road.