Coffee when you hear the name, your morning starts to get energizing on its own and the smell of the coffee can get your sleepy head to wake up. Just when you get a sip all the bad vibes of a boring Monday vanished with that one sip. Coffee has made our Mondays happier and full of energy. And there have been small videos on what would happen if there was no coffee and after that no such horror movies has been made. But have you ever thought how coffee came into existence? Or did you ever think what were people doing before coffee was discovered? It is hard to imagine when you know coffee will never end.

But knowing where and under what circumstances the coffee was discovered, well coffee has a very interesting history of its own. History says that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia where a regular goat would cast away in a jungle for pasture and by afternoon, when it came back it was running around here and there like a horse. First, people thought it was possessed, anyone could have thought like that, I mean just imagine the view. If it had been filmed now, it would get the most YouTube hits. Anyway, the people waited for the goat to calm down and see what was wrong with it.

The goat did the same thing the next day and people waited for the goat to get over it and noticed where it went the next day. And they noticed that the goat was eating some sort of berries and that what made it go all nuts. So, an abbot made a drink with those berries and the till the very next day he was fresh even though he didn’t sleep at all. People were amazed and the abbot shared his discovery and recipe with the village people and the monks. Which travelled to the Arabian Peninsula. In the Arabian Peninsula, the actual cultivation of coffee began and the word coffee spread across the globe.

By the 15th century, coffee was famous in Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey. And we all have seen many videos of Turkish coffee on social media and they are soul refreshing. Basically, we can say a big thanks to Ethiopia and the Arabian countries. Now, in the gulf countries you will find the best coffee beans in Dubai and almost every office has specific office coffee machines for their employees.