Cultural Values That Should Be Taught At School

Cultural Values That Should Be Taught At School

Language is a way to express emotions and information. Every language in the world is a product of local customs and values of the local people. Languages are shaped by the influence of people among which it is spoken, and as a living entity, it keeps growing and developing over the years.

Learning other languages is an excellent practice to add to the aptitude of a person. However, when a language becomes a necessity or a way of segregation in society, it becomes toxic.

Where It All Starts:

Educational institutions have adopted a sense of pride in abandoning their cultures. Many schools have names like american schools in qatar and international schools in doha. When your primary is corrupted, the chances of becoming self-aware in the future are non-existent in the future.

This type of cultural brainwashing on such a primary level has unhealthy impacts on the students. A young generation of scholars is tainted with cultural bias in years when they are too young to diagnose the situation. The academia which is supposed to fill the student with confidence and tools to face the future is filling them with self-doubt and depreciation.

The Bigger Consequences:

When a student who accepts his/her inferiority enter the practical life is already at a loss for local culture and customs. The battle of cultural values and acceptance of customary practices has a subconscious bias inside the mind of these students.

Life becomes a psychological battle of selection and elimination of rituals and life choices. Students are not prepared to think for themselves; they are trained to accept the dominance of alien and irrelevant values of a completely different society.

The Loss of Preservation:

The young generation is at a loss for want of freedom of speech and high-quality of life. New engineers of society are not looking for solutions within their system but merely trying to install another one. It means that a new graduate is struggling with vague concepts and ideologies like freedom of speech, feminism, and personal independence.

Through the way of language, strange concepts are whispered into our minds. These concepts are given room to grow into credible questions and thus, no pursuit of answers. Vital beliefs like national interest and importance of education are pushed behind into corners, where they assume secondary importance or none at all.

We are leading the new generation astray instead of helping them grow and think objectively!

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